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Is life expectancy a synonym of a better health care?

Nowadays, the people have been changing the ways of living; we are trying as “Individuals” to get a healthy life and leave behind the stress produced by this hectic world we live in. But taking healthy ways of living doesn`t mean we are going to live longer than anyone else or we are not going to get any diseases. In fact, 79 million people in the United States suffer some type of cardiovascular diseases and roughly 1 million of new cases for several types of cancer have been estimated in 2016 and it includes young and old people.

Of course, I don`t want to alarm you with these starling statistics, besides it doesn`t mean you will have a terminal illness soon but it `s just a remainder that everyone is prone to get any types of awful diseases. Sadly, according with the world health organization life expectancy list, the average age of life of the Americans has decrease in recent years, we are in the position number 34 and the overall life expectancy is 79 years old.

So, you may have been wondering why a better health care is a synonym of a longer life?

According to a USnews`s article when somebody has access to health care the expectancy of life increases by 60% due the treatments and medical controls that the person receives during his(her) life span but the question is, can we afford a health care? Well it all depends of your pocket of course, but one of the best options is to get a health care insurance and despite this is a controversial topic because there is a considerable inequality gap in which poor and even middle class people can`t afford medical insurance, there are multiple suitable options; One of them is the Obama care program where there is a subsidy for families of lower incomes and also the insurance companies have suitable plans to get a medical insurance. Remember that health insurance affects health care and health care affects health.

Of course as I mentioned before we are trying to live healthy lives with good quality of food, proper exercise and wise behavior but we must be cautious and protect our families against diseases and accidents. To end with, I would like to give you an interesting quotation I found in a article “having insurance improves access to care. It also provides financial protection, which is a component of insurance that people don`t talk about which is really important because it is not just supposed to get you access to care, It`s suppose to keep you from getting evicted from your apartment because you paid your hospital bill instead of your rent.