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Foresters is an international financial services provider with a unique history that began in 1874 when we set out to provide access to life insurance for average, working families. More than 140 years later, we provide financial solutions to more than three million clients and members in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. When families come to us for their life insurance, savings, retirement and investment needs, they benefit from the foundation of experience, expertise and reliability we have built across two centuries. We are proud of the long-term relationships we have formed with our clients and members, nurtured over the years through extraordinary service and solid investment results. And we’re equally proud of the many ways we give back to families.

Each year, we invest millions to support causes that enrich the lives of families and communities. Whether we’re building playgrounds in underserviced neighborhoods, preparing emergency kits for victims of natural disasters or cleaning up beaches, we help families in need. We also have a global network of members1 that is more than one million strong. To become a Foresters member, you can apply as part of the purchase of a life insurance product underwritten by The Independent Order of Foresters, which is a fraternal benefit society. Members enjoy unique member benefits including competitive academic scholarships, financial counseling and discounted legal services. Click here for more information on membership. Foresters Financial and Foresters are trade names and trademarks of The Independent Order of Foresters (a fraternal benefit society) and its subsidiaries.

Descriptions of member benefits that you may receive assume that you are a Foresters member. Foresters member benefits are non-contractual, subject to benefit specific eligibility requirements and limitations and may be changed or canceled without notice. Today, most people get their health insurance through their work. But every year, more and people are choosing to shop in the private market for personal health insurance. For some individuals and families, there are some key advantages to personal health insurance over employer health coverage — such as affordability, portability and customization. Whether you’re a single individual, you have a family, you’re self-employed, you’re a student or you’re just looking for the best health insurance plan for your needs, you might want to consider an personal health insurance policy. Right here, you can compare personal health quotes online instantly and get advice from a licensed health insurance agent in your area. Start with the form above to get your free personal health insurance quotes and life insurance quotes now.

Types of Personal Health Insurance Many health insurance shoppers don’t realize that there are many different types of health insurance. But it’s a good thing there are so many options because no one has the exact same health and budget needs as another. There are two main kinds of personal health plans: managed care and traditional indemnity coverage: Managed care health insurance. This type of health insurance covers medical services from a specific network of doctors, hospitals and other health care providers. Common managed care plans include HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) plans, PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) plans and POS (Point of Service) health plans. With managed care plans, some insured can also open Health Savings Accounts (HSA) to save money tax-free for medical bills. Traditional indemnity coverage. Before managed care plans were created, traditional indemnity health insurance was the most common form of coverage.

This type of health insurance covers medical care based on service rather than health care provider. The main difference between these two forms of health insurance is that traditional indemnity plans provide the same coverage regardless of what doctor or hospital you visit, while managed care only covers care from particular health care professionals. Comparing Plans from Multiple Health Insurance Companies One of the biggest advantages personal health insurance has over employer coverage is the immense number of choices. With an employer, you might only have one or two plans to choose from. Not in the individual market — it offers hundreds of different options, each with varying benefits and rates. With our service here at, you’ll be able to compare multiple plan options from many health insurance companies.

The agents in our network represent dozens of insurers including Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Assurant, Golden Rule Insurance Company, many Blue Cross and Blue Shield Companies, Time, PacifiCare, World Insurance, Humana, Mega Life and Health, Kaiser Permanente, Unicare, Vista Health Plans and more. Each insurance company offers unique health insurance solutions, giving you a wealth of options to choose. Keep in mind that each state has its own set of health insurance regulations and not every insurance company offers plans nationwide. 



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